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How to order?

To place an order on KRIOSWEAR please go through the following steps:

      ✓ First select the product you want to purchase on our website
      ✓ Second select the 'Add to cart' button
      ✓ After that select the 'Checkout' button in your cart
      ✓ At the 'Checkout' you must fill in your customer information
      ✓ Click to continue to the 'Shipping Method' page
      ✓ The shipping method is set to 'Standard Shippping'
      ✓ Please continue to the 'Payment Method' page
      ✓ Payments can be made with this Payment Methods
      ✓ Once the transaction is complete, you will be redirected to our website
      ✓ We will sent you an email with the details of your order
      ✓ We will email you to confirm your order has been dispatched
      ✓ The order is then complete

Thank you for visiting us and making your purchase on KRIOSWEAR.
If you have any questions regarding your purchase don't hesitate to contact us. 

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